Student Gallery in Hammond Hall to host ‘Organic Whole’ exhibit

Recently, Professor and Graphic Artist Janueth Skinner in the Jacksonville State University Department of Art, completed a limited edition print collaboration with her students in Printmaking II: Relief that will be on display in the Student Gallery of Hammond Hall beginning September 1st and continuing until the 30th.

Organic Whole, the title of the finished work, will have a gallery opening on September 4th in the Student Gallery in Hammond Hall beginning at 5 p.m.

Department of Art/JSU

Daisy Stanley holding up the first print off the press.

The idea of a collaborative print puzzle came to Daisy Stanley, a non-traditional student with a major in print making, while researching relief printing and printmakers.

Stanley says of seeing an example of the idea, “I was so excited about these prints and the collaborative process that I wanted to see our printmakers create a puzzle print.”

This past spring, the printmaking class of Professor Skinner had enough students to attempt the feat and Stanley suggested a concept design of organic forms.

What is involved in making a jigsaw print? Each piece of the puzzle must be completed separately, which in this case meant concept creation around the idea of organic forms from the 10 people involved.

This would then lead to the creation of the individual prints, which would have to be combined together to create the single whole puzzle print.

“The show will have the individual plates, the jig (the item that sets and holds each individual piece while printing) we put them into, the whole piece and also each individual print,” says Stanley.

Skinner says her piece, inspired by a trumpet flower in her yard, is a “botanical type organic image” that’s a bit more realistic than some of the other designs, but that each piece centers on the idea of organic forms.

The title of the piece came about at the end of the printing process. “Professor Skinner decided she liked the concept of organic whole, so that was the suggestion she made,” says Stanley, “and it fit perfectly because each of us took the concept of something organic and put it into the puzzle to create an organic whole.”

The process of actually printing the completed puzzle required a team of printmakers who met outside of the class due to how large and labor intensive the finished jigsaw print was.

Stanley says of the finished product, “This has been a wonderful process. The outcome is better than I could have dreamed.”

Christiana Tyler
Arts & Entertainment Editor
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