Alcohol sales now allowed in JSU stadium

Josie Howell, Sports Editor

While Gamecock fans have many reasons to be excited about the start of football season, the implementation of alcohol sales during home games has given them much more to look forward to. 

Jacksonville State University  will be joining over 100 colleges and universities that sell alcohol at athletic events, in an attempt to improve the fan-based experience.

During the first few months prior to Saturday, Sept. 7, JSU’s first home football game of the season, the JSU athletics department had been doing their best to create policies and regulations that help to keep a safe and secure environment for all Gamecock fans during these games. 

Athletic Director, Greg Seitz, emphasizes that JSU’s first priority is making sure that JSU home games are a safe and family friendly environment. 

“Universities across the country have seen both a decrease in alcohol-related incidents and an enhanced fan experience when they provide a controlled environment for alcohol sales,” said Seitz.

In order to ensure the safety of everyone, JSU will be hiring special law enforcement that will be specially trained to recognize behavior such as underage drinking, binge drinking, passing off alcohol to minors and any other alcohol related incidents. 

Individuals will be escorted from the stadium if seen doing any of the aforementioned  things, as well as trying to use a fake ID, failing to provide ID at any time, or are intoxicated.

Anyone who wants to purchase alcohol at the games will have to provide a government-issued ID card, which includes one’s birthday, no matter how old one might appear. Acceptable types of ID include a valid driver’s license, military ID or passports. 

Each person who purchases alcohol may be asked at any time after the sale to show their ID and must have their ID on them and be able to prove that they are of drinking age. If one fails to prove their age at any time or place when  they are asked for their ID, they will then be asked to leave.

The drinks sold at the first JSU home game against UTC were 16 ounce beer cans for $5.50 a can.  The brands of beer being sold at the home games are the following: Budweiser, Michelob Ultra, Bud Light and Sweet Water. Bon and Viv spiked seltzer was also sold in 16 ounce cans for the same price. 

Kiosks are now set up around the stadium specifically for alcohol sales. They will not be sold at regular concession stands, to help keep wait times to a minimum. Alcohol sales will start once the gates are opened, and will close at the end of the third quarter. Drinks will not be allowed outside of the stadium.

Photo courtesy of JSU

JSU hosts the Calhoun County Band Exhibition

Local Calhoun County bands showcased their halftime shows with great pride on Burgess Snow Field, Wednesday, Sept. 10. One by one, each band took the field to put on what they have all been working on these past couple months. 

Donoho High School opened up the exhibition with songs from the musical “Chicago”.

The size of a band can be deceiving, even the smallest can blow you away. Ohatchee High School took the field with a heartfelt performance of their show, “You Will Be Found,” which showcased a message about bullying and finding your place.

Not having to travel too far, Jacksonville High School also took the field bringing with them more reasons to be proud of this small town. While there were not any scores or trophies handed out, these bands certainly have a lot to be proud of.

Everyone was in for a treat at the end of the exhibition, the Jacksonville State Marching Southerners performed part of their show “Earth, Wind, and Fire,” which is sure to continue turning heads over the rest of this marching season. High schoolers sat in awe of the size and pure talent the Southerners brought to the field. Many of them have probably already pictured themselves in that iconic red, white and black uniform.   

It is clear that band is more than just an after-school activity for these high schoolers. They all have passion and a love for marching that is clearly displayed on the field.

Photo courtesy of Brookylnn Wilkes/The Chanticleer

JSU reveals new fundraising goal of $55 million

Miranda PrescottA&E Correspondent

Jacksonville State University announced that they plan to raise approximately $55 million dollars within the next ten years.

The JSU Recreation Center held the Capital Campaign Gala on Friday, Sept. 6, from 7 to 9 p.m. During which, officials announced their new fundraising goal.

The Capital Campaign Gala was held as a way of personally thanking the top donors of the school for their donations. The donations will be made out to and handled by the JSU Foundation, one of the offices on campus that is held responsible for the donations made to the school through private donors and other vectors. These donations are also said to go toward efforts such as the general upkeep of the university, programs offered on campus, building and reconstruction efforts, as well as scholarship awards for JSU students.

The new fundraising number has been increased from the original amount estimated at the beginning of the year. According to the University President, Dr. John Beehler, in his annual State of the University Address on August 19, this number has increased from $36 million dollars to the amount that was announced at the Gala. 

This was placed under the list of “highlights of our accomplishments over the past year,” which also included announcements such as adding The Pointe @JSU to JSU’s housing inventory and the avoidance of a tuition increase for two out of the past three years.

Because of the event, parking on campus was limited as the parking lot for Stephenson Hall and the Recreational Center was closed off to make room for the attendees of the Gala. The Recreational Center was also closed to the public from 2 p.m. that afternoon to 9 a.m. Saturday morning to accommodate for this event.

The event featured student performers from JSU’s music department. These performances included JSU’s Jazz Ensemble, the Jacksonville Opera Theater, JSU Encore! Show Choir, the JSU Marching Ballerinas and the JSU Marching Southerners.

For more information on the JSU Foundation and the Capital Campaign, please visit the university’s website at

New food delivery service opens in Jacksonville

Ashleigh Crouch, News Correspondent

JVille2Go is a new food delivery service similar to popular apps such as DoorDash, GrubHub and Postmates, but exclusive to the Jacksonville area.

JVille2Go announced on September 2 on their Facebook page that it is “open for business” and to “order at or call 256-952-2840 to have your favorite restaurant delivered.”

JVille2Go is currently only accepting orders from their website, An app is launching on September 20 to make ordering from JVille2Go more convenient for customers.

JVille2Go offers nearly every restaurant in the Jacksonville area, from fast food locations such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s, to more expensive options like Baja and Effina’s. In comparison to DoorDash, JVille2Go has more restaurant choices available. It is, however, slightly more expensive. 

For example, a $5 combo from Wendy’s on DoorDash has a delivery fee of $1.99, plus $3.05 in taxes and fees, making the total $10.04, not including tip. JVille2Go automatically requires you to spend a minimum of $7 in food items from Wendy’s, and the delivery fee is $4.99, which brings the total to $11.99 before tax and tip.

Not only does JVille2Go offer delivery from restaurants, but the service also offers delivery of groceries from Walmart and even items from convenience stores.

Becoming a driver for JVille2Go is relatively simple. There is a short application on their website that requires applicants to input their name, date of birth, address, phone number and the make and model of their car.

JVille2Go is open from 11 p.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Sunday for lunch and 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Sunday for dinner. 

For more information, you may contact JVille2Go at 256-952-2840, or by email at

Photo courtesy of Scott Young/The Chanticleer

Sen. Doug Jones launches 2020 re-election campaign

Scott Young, News Editor

Sen. Doug Jones officially announced that he plans to seek re-election to the United States Senate in Birmingham last Sunday, Sept. 8.

Rep. Terri Sewell, Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin, actor Michael O’Neill and Jones’ wife Louise Jones took the stage as guest speakers prior to the Senator’s appearance.

“I am still as convinced today as I was in 2017 when I announced my candidacy for the Senate that the people of Alabama have more in common than divides us,” said Jones to a crowded room in the B&A Warehouse.

Jones touted his efforts to “bridge the partisan divide”, citing his work to include protections for farmers impacted by the Chinese trade war in last year’s farm bill, secure more funding for historically black colleges and universities and provide more funding for rural broadband.

“All of that could not have been possible without bipartisan efforts and reaching across the aisle,” said Jones.

Jones garnered national attention for his victory in the 2017 Alabama Senate special election against Republican challenger Roy Moore, winning 50 percent to Moore’s 48.3 percent.

The race is expected to be in the spotlight as Democrats seek to win a majority in the Senate. Some credit Jones’ victory to the sexual abuse allegations made against Moore in November 2017. These allegations cited sexual abuse against several women in the 70s. 

Moore announced in June that he would again challenge Doug Jones for the Senate in 2020, claiming that “false tactics” used by “Democratic operatives” led to the demise of his last campaign.

Other Republican candidates that have announced include Rep. Bradley Byrne, Secretary of State John Merrill, State Rep. Arnold Mooney and former Auburn University football head coach Tommy Tuberville.

Photo courtesy of Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images